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Legacy Swimming centers around the Golden Triangle, the swimmer, the coach and the parent. The three ingredients for a swimmer to have a successful, enjoyable, and lengthy career in the world of swimming. Swimmer, coach, and parents are the key essentials that must be intangible and tangibly connected in order for the athlete to reach their ultimate goals in the sport. Open honest and direct communication is a must between these three and all must understand that the goal must come solely from the swimmer themselves. 


Head Coach

Steve Lochte

“Coach” Steve Lochte, a nationally respected coach, father and developmental coach of 12 Time Olympian, Ryan Lochte, has dedicated his life to developing champion swimmers over the last

50 years hopes to encourage all swimmers to share in his lifelong passion of swimming through Legacy Swimming. 


After a long high school and collegiate swimming career, Coach Steve was extremely fortunate to land a job as a swim coach at a Jr College. There he started his coaching career and was able to also start an age group program from scratch that turned in to a nationally recognized swim club.


At an early stage of his coaching career he realized that for him to be effective as a coach he must learn from all the well-known coaches in the sport and for him to take bits and pieces that he liked from each of those coaches and develop his own coaching style.

He observed and listened to prominent coaches as well as athletes from around the world. After years of observation and training, he developed his own coaching style. He is most recognized, not only as a national and international coach, but, as the father and developmental coach to his 12 time Olympic and current record world holder son, Ryan Lochte. Through Legacy Swimming he hopes to give positive ideas to others that can be used to build lifelong swimming careers or fitness routines in the world of swimming.

Assistant Coach

Marisa Gaynor

Marisa's passion is to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle through the sport of swimming. Everybody is unique with their own strengths and limitations.  Her method is to build a custom strength and dryland  plan based on your health, schedule and swim fitness goals. She aims to strengthen and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to swimming for a lifetime. Contact Marisa for a customized strength & conditioning/dryland workout.

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