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Swim Clinics

Unlock Your Potential with Legacy Swimming


Our Vision

Legacy Swimming is committed to making swimming a fun and rewarding experience for all. Our team of experienced coaches and instructors are eager to help you develop your skills and take your swimming to the next level.

Our vision is to make swimming an enjoyable and confidence-building experience for everyone, no matter your age or ability. We believe that by providing the highest quality of instruction, we can make swimming a lifelong passion for many. Come experience the Legacy Swimming difference today


Our Mission

Our mission is to help swimmers, of all ages and abilities, learn proper swimming techniques that will help them stay safe and enjoy swimming for a lifetime. We focus on teaching the fundamentals of swimming, such as body positioning, breath control, and proper stroke technique. Our experienced instructors also strive to foster a positive environment that encourages swimmers to challenge themselves and advance their skills. Ultimately, we aim to give swimmers the tools they need to become competent and confident swimmers.


Our Philosophy

At Legacy Swimming, our philosophy is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for our athletes to learn and grow as swimmers. Our team is led by Coach Steve, who has developed a unique approach to swimming instruction that emphasizes FUNdamentals.

Our approach is based on the idea that swimming should be an enjoyable and rewarding activity, and our team is trained to make sure that everyone has a great experience. 

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